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Get to know the face behind the email and say hello to the team you will be working closely with on your next Sponsored Content Program. We're so glad you're here. 

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meet K E L L Y


Kelly manages the relationship with both current and prospective Ahalogy influencer partners as well as oversees all in-house creative—from quality assurance to paid media design. Email Kelly.

Current Netflix obsession?

"Frasier & Cheers. Because classic, comedic writing feeds my old soul, and new doesn't always mean better."


meet J U L I A


Julia manages Ahalogy’s Sponsored Content Program and is constantly looking for ways to improve and make the process the best possible experience for both brand teams and creators. Email Julia.

Coffee: Essential to life or overrated?

"Essential. And not just because of the caffeine; I love the taste of coffee (especially cold brew)! As a result, I’m convinced my body is 70% coffee at any given time."

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meet C A S S I E


From paid media creative to blogger selections, Cassie spearheads all strategic creative decisions at Ahalogy. Helping your blog post gain traction & the hitting the brand's goals is what she’s all about. Email Cassie.

Who would you want to be stuck on a deserted island with?

"Is it weird that I would like to be stuck on a deserted island with Tom Selleck? Probably."

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meet R A C H E L


Rachel manages Ahalogy’s sponsored content campaigns, working directly with both clients and content partners to help keep everyone on track, create meaningful content, and achieve campaign goals. Email Rachel.

Favorite late-night snack?

"I make a mean dessert of stove-top cinnamon apples—perfect during the cold seasons or with ice cream during the summer! Maybe I should be a food blogger... ;)"

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meet A N D I


Andi oversees and manages the relationships with Ahalogy content creators. From project kick-off to campaign-end, she is responsible for making sure each Ahalogy Partner receives all the information they need to deliver the client content that aligns with the campaign goals, guidelines, and brand vision. Email Andi.

Who would play you in the movie about your life?

"I'd hope Mila Kunis because she is the ultimate girl crush."

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meet C H A R L O T T E


Charlotte manages all the paid media at Ahalogy. She utilizes our beautiful blogger-created content to promote across a variety of social channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat—driving volumes of traffic back to your website. Email Charlotte.

If you had to pick 3 characters from books, movies, TV, etc. to describe yourself, who would it be?

"Leslie Knope (without the politics), Phil Dunphy, & Daenerys Targaryen"

Becoming an Ahalogy Partner:   Everything You Need to Know

At Ahalogy, our mission is to connect you with the brands you love to create authentic, beautiful content that adds value to the lives of your readers. We welcome both new and seasoned bloggers looking to grow their business and those who create content in any category — from food and drink to home decor (and everything in between.) 


the perks

Why You Should Join


.01  Make more moolah doing what you do best.

.02  It's completely free to join. 

.03  Opportunity to apply for jobs that interest you (and pass on ones that don't.)

.04  Receive jobs directly to your inbox or apply anytime through our opportunities dashboard.


.05  Access to Ahalogy Muse — a trends software to help you plan your content calendar and create higher performing content.

.06  Get more site traffic. The content you create in partnership with Ahalogy is used for paid media - sending volumes of new traffic back to your website. 

.07  Because we're easy to work with, want to see your brand succeed, and we're just generally nice people (But don't take our word for it.

The team at Ahalogy truly has their creators’ best interest at heart. I’m constantly blown away by the effort they put into every campaign, ensuring that they are as successful as possible, and best of all, they pay their creators top dollar for their time, creativity, and content.

- josh johnson, the kentucky gent


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Joining Ahalogy's program is easy to do. Simply register with your information and capabilities and automatically gain access to job opportunities and Ahalogy's category trend data. 


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