Our Biggest News Yet: Ahalogy Muse™ Access




Buckle up folks...we’re about to hit you with some amazing new tools that are exclusively available to the Ahalogy Content Network. 

It’s no secret that the people at Ahalogy are pretty passionate about what they do. Thanks to our awesome Product Engineering Team, we’re excited to announce that Ahalogy Partners can now access Muse™ Trend Data—free of cost! This has been a long time in the making, and we hope you’re just as excited as we are.  


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Trend Data to Help You Plan Ahead

Ahalogy Muse™ is an industry-first software platform that allows bloggers like yourself to identify and act on emerging trends in your category. Whether you’re interested in seasonal ingredients to inspire your latest recipe creation or the next big thing in home decor, Muse has got you covered. Although the homepage is currently food and drink trends (coming soon - all content categories!) you can still search any category topic to see the trend line, associated keywords, and inspired stories. 

And, to make it even easier for you to create kick-butt content that your readers will love, we’ve added Content Planner for Ahalogy Muse. Now, you can save top trending topics and inspired stories from the Ahalogy Content Network in one place. Content Planner acts as a handy way for you to gather inspiration for your next big blog post while also introducing you to a larger community of fellow bloggers who are equally as passionate about their work as you are. 


Partner Dashboard

So, how can you get access to this revolutionary tool? Be sure to keep an eye on your inbox in the coming days—we’ll be sending out invites soon! Once invited, you can make your way to the Partner Dashboard. Here is where you’ll house all of the information that brands need to know about working with you. Your rates for sponsored content posts, the photo or video editing capabilities you have, and the type of content you write about will all be stored in one easy-to-find place. Of course, if any of this information should change, you can now log in and update at any time. 

*The Partner Dashboard is only visible to you and the Ahalogy Team. No brand clients or other Ahalogy Partners will be able to view or access your account information. 


Social Authorization

 The new Muse Partner Dashboard also allows you to authorize your social accounts which will make tracking campaign performance easier. But, rest easy—we'll never post on your behalf. 





Your Content Featured

Once you join the Ahalogy Sponsored Content Program or update your information in the new Partner Dashboard, Muse will subscribe to your RSS Feed—automatically pulling in your site content (imagery and corresponding blog post url.) Every piece of content from your website shown will link directly back to the corresponding blog post and your content will never be featured without proper credit. 

Ahalogy Muse is only available to our partners. But, if you haven’t already joined the Sponsored Content Network, don’t worry! We’ll still be sending an invitation your way and hope you’ll consider joining. 



Coming Soon to Muse

We’re also excited to share, in early 2018 Ahalogy Partners will be able to apply to Sponsored Content Opportunities through Ahalogy Muse. Stay tuned… 


I want in. What do I have to do?

Hang tight and be on the lookout for an invitation in your inbox in the next few days. If you don’t receive an invitation by 10/18, please follow up with us at contentnetwork@ahalogy.com so we can make sure you don’t miss this opportunity. 



Kelly Killips