5 Ways To Stay On Top Of Seasonal Trends

The holidays are a busy time of the year. Use these tips to discover the latest and greatest in seasonal trends.

Whether you blog about food and drink, fashion and lifestyle, home decor and entertaining, or everything in between, we know the holiday season is one of your busiest times. As the end of the year approaches, clients and creators alike amp up their content production schedules. We’ve gathered a list of easy ways that you can stay on top of seasonal trends and make your content stand out against the twinkling lights and tinsel.


Ahalogy prides itself on using data-driven content inspired by Ahalogy Muse™ to discover new and creative ideas across content categories. Muse is an industry-first software platform that allows creators like yourself to identify and act on emerging trends. And now, Muse is free for all Ahalogy Partners!

By combining your out-of-the-box thinking with our content category data, you can sure that your readers will keep you on their nice lists.



Category Trends: Stay in the Know

The first step to staying on top of seasonal trends is being up to date on the latest happenings in your category. Try browsing through the trending topics on the Muse homepage. Updated daily, these topics represent the hottest trends on the web. If you’re looking for something specific, you can even search major keywords to see what times they trend throughout the year.



Leverage your Community

Leverage your blogging community by using social media as a source of inspiration. Follow fellow bloggers in your category for initial ideas. Then, see how you can put your own unique spin on emerging trends. Any time you search a topic on Muse, you’ll see a collection of Inspired Stories from fellow content creators. Use the Content Planner feature to save all of these posts in one place.



Utilize Past Top Performers

No one knows your blog better that you. Once you have a rough idea of a topic to write about, try going back through your most engaged with posts. Combining tried-and-true blog posts with new and innovative ideas is an easy way to give your site a quick refresh. Sometimes, certain blog posts may even resurface during peak holiday periods. Try re-sharing these pieces of content across your social media channels to get the most bang for your buck. Muse Topic Trend Lines can help you predict when certain topics will peak in popularity, showing you the ideal time to repost holiday content.



Ahalogy Muse Content Planner

A great idea is just the start of a winning blog post. Use the Content Planner feature in Muse to organize related topics and plan out your post. With options to collect related keywords, topic trendlines, and past historical performance in one place, Content Planner is a useful tool that gives your blog post an extra edge.



New in Muse: Topic Comparisons

If you’re stuck deciding which top trend to act on between a few different top performers, have we got a solution for you. Using the Topic Comparison feature—a NEW tool in Muse—you can see how different topics/keywords perform against one another—and ultimately who reigns king. Comparing topics can help you make decisions on what content to create—discovering the seasonality of certain topics—as well as when it's the best time to post which types of content.

Ultimately, it’s bloggers like yourself who decide the biggest trends of each season. By challenging yourself to think unconventionally, you give readers the types of content that they want to see. You never know what topics will spark your imagination. If you haven’t already received an invitation to Ahalogy Muse™, sign up here so we can make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity!

Kelly Killips