5 Ways to Integrate a Retailer into your Sponsored Post

We're excited to share with you the second post in our Blogger Education Series where we will be sharing tips and tricks to help you increase your number of paid opportunities (with both Ahalogy and other companies like us.) This week we’re diving into 5 Unique Ways to Integrate a Retailer into your Sponsored Post that go beyond the typical in-store photos that can often be dimly lit and creatively limiting. If you’re unfamiliar with how we do things here at Ahalogy, you can check out Our Process to see the 5-step guide to Ahalogy's Sponsored Content Programs.

So let's dive right in, starting with step #3—Content Creation.


Reusable Bags.

Have you thought about including a store's reusable bags into your post? Majority of the time they're easier to work with than plastic bags (less likely to wrinkle or show light reflection) and have a clear brand store logo that really pops off a page. Added bonus? Earth-conscious shopping.


Loyalty Cards.

If the retailer you're featuring in your sponsored post has a loyalty card, throw it into the mix! This is a guenuine and unique way to show shopper loyalty and inspire your readers to take advantage of the money-saving programs at their disposle. 


Weekly Paper.

Utilizing paper coupons and newspaper inserts from the store is an unexpected way to showcase all that the retailer offers is an approach bound to make the client happy. It can also add a nice textural element to your photographs.

Sweet-Spicy-Bratwurst-Pretzel-Bombs-with-Beer-Cheese-Dip-4-of-6-1800x1300 (1).jpg

Your Receipt.

Most, if not all, stores have their name and logo on their printed receipts. In addition to mentioning the store throughout your post, a receipt sprinkled in your post can authentically tie in your shopping experience. 


Other Store-Brand Products.

Most campaigns have specific products that are required to include in content creation—but what about the other ingredients you'll need? If there are store-brand products that you can use in addition to the campaign products, go for it—and make sure to include them in your product shots!



Bonus: App Photos

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, we’re seeing more and more need to highlight a retailer app in sponsored content. So, as a bonus, we’re sharing inspiration on crisp, clean, and beautiful ways to showcase this new trend. Take this shot from Diana Elizabeth Blog, it highlights the app without looking too out of place with her garden-themed social post.


Retailer Mentions

What about integrating retailer mentions into your post copy? Here we've linked out some examples of pieces of content that do a wonderful job at mentioning the store and shopping experience in the text of the post.  

Vegan Sage Sweet Potato Olive Oil Biscuits by The Speckled Palate

PB & J Bento Boxes by Unsophisticook


Well there ya have it, our 5 ways to integrate a retailer into your sponsored post! If you've found any additional tips and tricks useful in the content creation process, share them with us—we'd love to hear from you! Happy creating!


Kelly Killips