Pink is the New Black: The Latest Color Craze Among Millennials

Millennial Pink—it’s the color trend that keeps on giving. Whether it’s Food and Drink, Lifestyle and Fashion, or Home Decor, you’re bound to find this popular hue everywhere you look.

Of course, there’s a lot of debate over what Millennial Pink actually is. The Cut describes Millennial Pink as an “ironic pink, pink without the sugary prettiness … a non-color that doesn’t commit, whose semi-ugliness is proof of its sophistication” while BuzzFeed argues that Millennial Pink is more of a feeling than a specific shade. Whichever camp you land in, you can be sure that this trending color isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


So why did Millennial Pink suddenly peak in popularity? After all, it’s not as though pink is a new color trend in and of itself. As it turns out, there are be a number of different answers to that question.

The initial rise of Millennial Pink is somewhat difficult to track. Wes Anderson’s 2014 hit, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” was an early indicator of the coming popularity of this pastel hue, featuring shades of pink throughout the entirety of the film. Even pop artist, Drake, jumped on board with bubblegum pink cover art for his 2015 single, “Hotline Bling.”

However, by far the most commonly attributed factor to the Millennial Pink trend is Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year: Rose Quartz. This dusky pink hue launched what has widely come to represent what many consider to be the quintessential Millennial Pink. Suddenly, it was as if the entire world had been doused in pastels. It was popping up everywhere from couture fashion runway shows to controversial Thinx period underwear ads.

Typically, pink content spikes in February, right before Valentine’s Day. However, on Muse, pink has been steadily climbing the trend lines over the past few years. Earlier this month, pink hit its highest point as a trending topic, even with the February holiday taken into consideration. We’ve even seen Millennial Pink popping up across a variety of content hubs, with Fashion and Lifestyle, Home Decor, and Food and Drink leading the charge.


Found in Ahalogy Muse:   Pleated Pink Tank Top  , My Style Vita

Found in Ahalogy Muse: Pleated Pink Tank Top, My Style Vita

Search the hashtag “Millennial Pink” on Instagram, and you’ll come up with a slew of artfully shot pictures, candidly posed against a pastel pink wall. Whether it’s something as simple as a series of blush-toned accessories or as committed as an entirely pink outfit combination, one thing’s for sure—this pastel hue is taking the fashion world by storm.

Found in Ahalogy Muse:   12 Pink Rooms to Crush On  , Thou Swell

Found in Ahalogy Muse: 12 Pink Rooms to Crush On, Thou Swell

Millennial Pink has been especially prevalent with our Interior Design and Home Decor bloggers. Since some consumers aren’t ready to fully commit to an entirely pink palette, throw pillows, furniture, or an accent wall are all being used to introduce a pop of pastel into every room in the home.

Pink recipes have been doing well in Food and Drink, too. In a recent sponsored content campaign for 7Up and Walmart, Ahalogy Partner, Pretty My Party, capitalized on the Millennial Pink trend in conjunction with the warmer summer months to create a pastel pink lemonade recipe that drove over 2 million impressions and 25 thousand clicks to the site.


gy Brandables Content:   Easy Adult Pink Lemonade Recipe ,  Pretty My Party

gy Brandables Content: Easy Adult Pink Lemonade Recipe, Pretty My Party


Here at Ahalogy, everything we do is driven by data. After seeing the sudden popularity of Millennial Pink in the Home Decor sector, we worked to highlight more content that featured the hue for a popular paint brand. Compared to similar content, the Millennial Pink-themed social media posts brought in 96% higher engagement rates during the month of July. In fact, a Millennial Pink post even brought in five times more engagement than the next top performing post, securing its spot as the number one post for the brand that month.

Moral of the story? It's time to think pink

Kelly Killips