Amazon Releases New, Shoppable Feed

Amazon Spark is an interactive, shoppable feed where Amazon customers can find inspiration for home decor, products, lifestyle, and more.

Amazon as a company is known for its ability to constantly test and learn new features—and its latest release is no different. In July, Amazon launched an interactive shoppable feed that it’s calling Amazon Spark.



In an effort to make online shopping more social, Amazon Spark allows consumers to scroll through an image feed that is produced by fellow Amazon users. Consumers can interact with product posts by commenting, clicking through to purchase, or liking posts with a “smile.” Users can also customize their individual feeds by following specific profiles or selecting areas of interest such as Food, Technology, DIY, and more.


At this time, Amazon Spark is available for anyone in the US with the Amazon iOS App. However, only Amazon Prime members can create posts and leave comments. Check the Community Guidelines to learn more about these criteria.


So, what does this mean for Content Creators like you?

As with any new release from a company as big as Amazon, there is some benefit to participating in this program while it is still in its early stages. Below are some easy tips to help you get started.


  • The longer an account is active on any social site, the more time it has to garner followers and meaningful interactions. Take this time to test and learn new strategies for engaging with your followers.


  • Content Creators can use Amazon Spark as a new social platform. As with any sponsored post, Amazon Community Guidelines require that you disclose any financial incentive for publishing a post. Currently, Amazon Spark does not offer the ability for Content Creators to make money directly through the app based off of their product suggestions. However, you can still create sponsored content posts on the behalf of brands.


  • You also have the opportunity to specifically target readers by tagging your posts to various content categories. Since users can easily add items to their cart or purchase items in one click without leaving the app, product-focused posts are encouraged in the highly shoppable feed. Accurately tagging your content will allow you to more easily reach consumers who are interested in purchasing the products you endorse.


  • Amazon has coined a new term for Content Creators—Amazon Enthusiasts. To become an Enthusiast, you must first meet the guidelines for creating content on the Amazon Spark app. As you create posts, write product reviews, and garner engagement, Amazon will reward you with badges. Since brands are currently unable to create verified profiles for themselves, you can be sure that they’ll be looking to talented Enthusiasts with healthy reach to promote their products for them.

As new ways for Content Creators to grow and develop their reach continues to arise, be sure you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to create meaningful brand partnerships. If you haven’t already, join the Ahalogy Sponsored Content program to discover new ways to connect your readers to products that will enrich their lives.

Want in?

To join the Amazon Enthusiasts, download Spark in the Amazon App for iPhone. Tap on the main menu, tap "Programs and Features", and then tap "Amazon Spark".




Kelly Killips