Defining Who You Are as a Creator

As Copywriter for Ahalogy, I string words together for well-known brands on a daily basis. So for me, diction holds a lot of weight. And over the years, I’ve learned that how you describe yourself as a creator significantly dictates what you do and how well you do it.

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Who you are as a creator is unique and all your own. And yet in many cases, your “creator descriptor” can be funneled into one of two categories: aspirational and achievable.

“Aspiration” relates to ambition, dreams, and reaching a higher goal. Whereas the term “achievable” is known as something that is doable and attainable.

Let’s do a little activity, shall we? Take a minute to think about your site, your social pages, and your online thumbprint as a whole. If someone else had your profile, would you look at it and think...

A. “Stunning, if this isn’t goals I don’t know what is!”

or would you think

B. “What a cool idea, I can totally do that this weekend.”

If you answered A. you’re what we’d consider an “aspirational” creator. And if you answered B. you’re in the “achievable” camp! If you dabble in both categories, check out your stats to see what your audience resonates with the most and let that be your guide to figuring out which path you should veer towards.

So, now that you know which kind of creator you are, these 3 things are about to become a whole lot easier…

01 - Sponsored campaign application

02 - Figuring out new post ideas

03 - Guiding your photography style


Sponsored Campaign Application

In my mind, sponsored opportunities are equivalent to shopping. When going through a rack of clothes, you pick up what you like and you grab your size. If I were to buy everything in the store with no mind to size, 1. I would be broke but 2. I would come away with some clothes that I like and that fit me but others that don’t go with my personal style or are too small, too large, etc. This same principal can apply to you when you’re looking through our live applications on Muse. Every campaign isn’t for you, just like every chunky sweater isn’t for you—a quote I have to tell myself every time fall rolls around. Sure, it’s tempting, but if a campaign isn’t going to fit with your site or the direction your content is going, it can feel inauthentic and out of place. Really, truly look into the product that’s being pitched and think about if you can give your own personal spin to it. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help get the ball rolling:


Is this something that can help me elevate my cooking, skincare routine, home decor, etc.?

Does this brand fit with the tone of my content?

Does this campaign allow me to reach a little higher, get a little more creative, etc.?


Is this a price point that fits with my usual recommendations?

Is this something I would use in my everyday life?

Do I feel like I could give my readers a useful and helpful tip with the content I could make for this brand?


Post Inspiration

We’ve all been there; you’re staring at a blank piece of paper with a looming deadline ahead. You’ve got that dreaded writer’s block. When you’re stuck on what to make, reverting back to your “creator descriptor” can help give you a nudge in the right direction. Tailor those thoughts to focus on content your readers can either find practical or inspirational. The answer to what you should create can often lie in the question, “What would I find practical?” and “What would I find inspirational?”


Photography Direction

As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes photos tell a better story than words ever could. And how you stage, light, and direct your photos can help to reinforce your “aspirational” or “achievable” moniker. So, inspired by my own words, I thought I’d show rather than tell you about the difference.


By Gabriella’s photography is like eye candy. For a campaign we did with TRISCUIT, she showcased her “aspirational” style beautifully with her Spring Charcuterie Board.


A Joyfully Mad Kitchen checked every box with her recipe for Caramel Macchiato Coffee Creamer Fudge. This easy and delicious treat fit perfectly with the International Delight® campaign.

Both are beautiful. Both types capture the product and feeling of the campaign. But they’re different.

At the end of the day, you are in charge of becoming the creator you want to be. And ownership is key when it comes to using your descriptor wisely. If you had hoped you would fall into one category versus the other, then maybe it’s time to refresh the content you’re making! Or if you’re loving your title, dive in headfirst and keep going on the path you’ve set for yourself. Either way, own itown what you’re great at and own where you want your content to go! I can’t wait to see what you create.

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About the Author  |  Megan Dobberteen, Copywriter

As Copywriter at Ahalogy, Megan owns writing paid social media copy for all our clientele—tackling each unique tone of voice, from CPG brands to beauty. Megan also oversees much of the copywriting for Ahalogy partner outreach, from blog posts and newsletters to recruiting communications.

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