What the Google Chrome Update Means for Your Ad Revenue


Last week, Google launched their much talked about update to the Chrome Browser. For those that may be unfamiliar, in an effort to combat invasive advertisements and improve advertising on the web, the updated Chrome Browser will now block intrusive ads from displaying on webpages visited via Chrome.

This update comes after the Coalition for Better Ads released findings from a comprehensive study that identified the 12 least preferred ad experiences found on the web. The biggest offenders are pop-up ads that prevent readers from viewing the webpage completely and animated or video ads that begin playing without a user’s consent. Because of these “annoying ads”, many web users have downloaded ad blocking extensions, which block all ads not just ones that are particularly intrusive. This means that as a creator or publisher, your ability to earn money from any ads are affected.



Desktop Web Experiences

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Mobile Web Experiences

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This is where the new Chrome comes in. It allows you, as a publisher, to run a test on your webpage and determine if any of the ads on your page violate these better ad standards. From there, you have to opportunity to make the necessary updates (either on your own or working with your ad platform or partner) and submit your site for an updated evaluation. The hope is that as sites begin removing intrusive or annoying ads, web users will no longer feel the need to continue using an ad blocker, which could have a positive effect on your digital ad revenue generated from less invasive ads.

Your website and social channels, the content you create and curate, and the ads and partnerships you undertake are the keys to your business and what makes you a successful creator. Hopefully, this update can help you leverage your content in a way that feels most authentic to your readers and most rewarding, both monetarily and personally, to you.


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About the Author  |  Julia Chick, Content Strategist

As Content Strategist, Julia manages the ins and outs of the Ahalogy’s Sponsored Content Program and is constantly looking for ways to improve and make the process the best possible experience for both brand teams and creators.

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