9 Tips for the Perfect Sponsored Video

Let's talk video. It can seem like a mysterious beast that's too complicated and challenging to conquer. Here to help demystify this sponsored content staple, we're sharing 9 Tips for the Perfect Sponsored Video. We've all seen—and been captured—by short and sweet videos on our social pages, so we want to make it easy to create content that's just as captivating and even more meaningful!

Plus, boosting your content creation portfolio and capabilities with high-quality videos is another great way to ensure even more work with brands!




01 // Stabilize, stabilize, stabilize!

One important investment for shooting video is a solid tripod. When filming, it is important to note whether your camera or camera lens has an internal stabilizer. If not, your video will turn out shaky if it is handheld. If you are using a higher frame rate than the standard 30fps, your video will also turn out shaky—as it is catching more of your smaller movements. If you are using a heavier camera, we recommend purchasing a more sturdy tripod that will be able to support the weight. Tripods are great for being able to control your angle, rather than having to set it on top of a something like a stack of books.

02 // Work your angle

Your angle can help you tell your story. If you are working with your hands, be sure that the angle is farther down, so the viewer can get an overhead view and better understand the craft. Most often times, it is best to have the camera on the same side as you so the viewer is watching from your perspective in order to replicate if the how-to is detailed. For a more lifestyle shot, think about what the hero is—is it the front of your person? A more direct angle may be more applicable.

03 // Frame your video

As most social videos are cropped to a square, it is important to make sure your subject and the hero of the shot is within the center of the frame. That way, when cropping for paid media, nothing is left out. Although this goes against the typical rule of thirds when shooting, always think in the eye of a square in order to optimize for paid media.

04 // Focus on your flow

A requirement in all sponsored videos is to have the product shown within the first 6 seconds of the video, as most often people leave the video during that time frame. When putting together a shot list, be sure to show the final completed how-to content with the product clearly visible. Then, if you are creating a recipe, showcase all of the ingredients and the steps to the how-to. It is most important to showcase the FINAL product at the beginning so you can capture the audience’s attention.

05 // Use natural lighting

Similar to photography, videography looks best with natural lighting. Find a window and be sure that you are facing it, with the light hitting off of the subject rather than behind the subject (i.e. “backlighting”). This will give your subject the lighting it needs in order to see all details of the video. Keep in mind that too much lighting could cause overexposure, so a sunny-but-shady day may be best to film and avoid shadows.

06 // Limit fancy transitions

Transitions can often take away from the content of the video and shave off important seconds. The best transition is quick, no fade or dissolve, in order to move on to the next point. Having too many transitions can distract the viewer.

07 // Use overlays

When adding text to your video, it is important to add in the disclaimer at the beginning of your video. It may also be helpful to add in text to the beginning of your video in order to let people know what it is you will be creating as they begin to watch. This also works well in a thumbnail. Below are a few quality tutorials on how to add in overlays to your videos on popular video editing platforms:


Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

08 // Mind your background

Busy backgrounds can take away from the focus on the video. Make sure your background is clear and simple so that the hero can be your how-to. If you are filming overhead, consider purchasing a wooden or granite top from your local hardware store in order to keep your background consistent across your videos.

09 // Keep it simple!

Your video edit doesn’t need to be fancy in order to tell your story. Focus on the quality of the video and the quality of the story, and the rest will come easily!


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About the Author | Lauren Burt, Client Success Lead

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