How to Take Advantage of All Muse has to Offer

As a part of Ahalogy’s Partner Network we want to make sure we’re arming you with new innovations as often as we’re producing them. Not only that, we want to make sure you’re filled with the knowledge of how to best utilize them to your advantage. It’s our hope that you’re already an active, participating member of our platform Muse (if you’re not yet, stop reading and get yourself an account here,) but as it’s a newer introduction to our creators we want to also make sure you are have all the information you need on how you can, and certainly should, be taking advantage of it!

So, what is Muse?

First thing is first, what is Muse? As dictated by the geniuses behind it all (our product team), it is a “category trends tool powered by blog and social post performance data.” Muse allows you to get the ideas and inspiration you need to create content and pitch ideas that are on-trend—which generate more engagement and a better impact on your blog performance and relevant social platforms.

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Now for the information you’ve been waiting for. How can you take advantage of the features Muse has to offer?

01 // Apply for campaigns

Hopefully you’re already taking advantage of this platform during the application process, but if not, there are a couple of necessary things you’ll need before you’re set to do so.

  1. Create an account (but if you’re this far in you’ve already done that, right?)
  2. OAuth your social accounts 
  3. Browse our opportunities tab and start investigating what campaigns are currently accepting applications

02 // Pitch your ideas

Utilize the Muse platform to pitch on-trend ideas specific to the campaign and the thought starters mentioned. 

  1. Go to the opportunities section of Muse
  2. Select the opportunity you want to apply for
  3. Use the search tool in Muse to research the trends provided in the thought starters
  4. Pitch your ideas with the thought starters, campaign overview, and Muse trending topics in mind—and thoroughly answer the related questions for that sponsored content opportunity

p.s. check out our blog post on 5 Ways to Make Your Sponsored Content Application Stand Out for more insider tips related to the application process

03 // Keep your profile up-to-date

Update your profile! Has your rate changed? Moved to a new city? Added a new category topic to your blogging repertoire? You can update that all on your profile so that we’re getting a glimpse of the most accurate representation of you, your site, and your capabilities. This can be a large indicator during the selection process—especially if we’re working with location-specific retailers or hoping to find influencers with children, for instance. See below for simple ways to make these updates.

  1. Click the dropdown in the top right hand corner
  2. Select “manage settings”
  3. Update your settings, rate, location, and more

So, now that your account is made (and all respective social accounts are Oauth-ed), you found the campaign(s) you’re interested in, and your profile is updated—you’re ready to apply!  

And because Ahalogy is always striving to stay ahead of the curve by creating the most innovative and helpful features and add-ons, we have some exciting updates to keep your eyes peeled for in the upcoming months.

  1. You will soon be able to submit and manage all sponsored content projects within Muse. This includes reviewing and signing briefs, uploading images and drafts, receiving brand’s edit requests, and being able to make those adjustments all within the Muse application!
  2. Muse will soon be providing category trends outside of Food & Drink (this is a nod to you, lifestyle bloggers!). In the meantime though, know that you can search any non-food and drink topic or keyword from the search bar and see the trends that way! 

We hope you’re excited because we're thrilled to see Muse evolve and continue to be a platform that our Partners can utilize and benefit from.

Still looking to learn more about Muse? Check out our Muse product page or reach out! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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About the Author | Andi Zaferes, Content Campaign Manager

Andi oversees and manages the relationships with Ahalogy content creators. From project kick-off to campaign-end, she is responsible for making sure each Ahalogy Partner receives all the information they need to deliver the client content that aligns with the campaign goals, guidelines, and brand vision.

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