7 Ways the Ahalogy Sponsored Content Program is Different Than the Competitors


If you’re new to the Ahalogy Content Network, welcome, we’re lucky to have you! If you’re a tried and true Ahalogy veteran who’s followed us on our journey from a Pinterest Management Software to an Influencer Marketing company, we’re thankful you’ve stuck with us. Now that we’ve done some introductions, let’s get down to the details and talk a little bit about how working with us is different than how our competitors operate.  





We’re the new kids on the block.

The blogosphere is not a new concept, and we know the talented partners we work with are seasoned in the world of Influencer Marketing. However, we’re still new to this game. As a company, we launched our first Sponsored Content Program back in February of 2015. While three years in the startup scene can seem like forever, we feel as though it seems like yesterday. We’ve certainly learned a lot with each new program, but our team is also working very hard to secure each and every one of those campaigns. While it may seem as though we don’t have as many programs as some of our competitors, we’re proud to partner with some pretty incredible brands and we continue to successfully distrupt the influencer marketing space with a new approach that benefits brands and creators alike. Thanks for joining us as we all expand our portfolios together!



It might be “nerdy,” but we love data.

Content creation driven by data has led to an over 300% lift in performance. If you haven’t noticed, we love to share this statistic with our partners and our brands. Ahalogy Muse™ is here to help you plan ahead. Our data allows you take advantage of the top trends and when they peak, and spark new ideas for your blog posts. Not to mention, we love to share our data. Within every application in our Opportunities Dashboard, we share trends and thought-starters—helping to push your content to the top. In the end, we both look good in front of the client. Win-win.



Fake followers are a reality. That’s why we don’t rely on social reach.

Unlike most influencer marketing companies, we do not rely solely on your social following. We love to see quality, trend-inspired content ideas. The partners we work with take incredible photos, seamlessly integrate brands and retailers into their posts, and have the ability to tell a compelling story. If you’re new to the influencer space (just like us), with a good set of skills, and don’t have a social media presence yet, register to join our network—I think we’ll get along great!



You’re guaranteed an increase in site traffic.

Yes, you read that correctly and it’s true. Since we don’t rely on social reach, we use paid amplification across social channels to target our brand’s audience and demographics. We utilize your high-quality imagery to drive readers back to your blog post to learn more about the product, service, or company. This allows you to grow your personal brand by reaching new audiences, readers, and followers. And, unlike our competitors, we put paid media dollars behind every campaign post—versus 25% of the content like the other guys.

Ahalogy is the best of the best, in my experience. The campaign was more than successful—it’s actually the highest viewed post on my blog as of yet.

—Gabriella Valladares, By Gabriella



Free products are great, but we sign paychecks.

While none of us would ever say no to a free product, we believe in fairly compensating our partners for the work they create. During the registration process, we allow all our content creators to set their own price, ensuring you feel confident about partnering with us. Since blogging is a full-time career for many of our partners, you will be paid within 30 days of publishing your content.

The team at Ahalogy truly has their creators’ best interest at heart. I’m constantly blown away by the effort they put into every campaign, ensuring that they are as successful as possible, and best of all, they pay their creators top dollar for their time, creativity, and content.

josh johnson, the kentucky gent



They say less is more, but we disagree when it comes to campaign briefs.

We like to be thorough, and we’ve heard from partners that they like it too. We have very detailed sections about campaign deliverables, photo guidelines, and retailer mentions. With every brief, our goal is to create a concise action plan for you to easily work your magic. Not to mention, if your campaign is unique, our team is always willing to jump on the phone to chat through the details and requirements.

What I love most about working with Ahalogy is their attention to detail. The project brief was very thorough, and they even scheduled a call to walk me through each section. All of the attention provided at the start of the project made content creation and publishing problem-free.

—BRANDON MATZEK, kitchen konfidence



You’re the professional here.

When it comes to writing your blog post and styling your photos, we let you take control. We’re always here to help provide any creative direction you might need, but we trust you.  Your voice should naturally shine through the content because it’s your story to tell, not ours. Simply put, we don’t like to micromanage. 

Hands down Ahalogy is my favorite influencer network! They let me write and speak my own voice with very few edits. I’ve done work for other influencer networks that wanted to change my entire voice and style of writing and it wasn’t a very fun experience. Plus the Ahalogy promoted social posts are always a huge bonus.

—Emily Sego, Goldilocks Kitchen


Here at Ahalogy, we’re proud of the network we’ve created, the campaigns we’ve run, and the content creators we’ve partnered with over the last few years. Keep in mind that we’re still growing and evolving; and years from now, we hope to have even more positive differentiators from the other companies within our space. After reading through our list, if you have any additional feedback on how we can improve, feel free to email me at cassie@ahalogy.com. We truly love to hear from you. Hey, look at that, another thing that sets us apart!


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About the Author  |  Cassie Saddlemire, Creative Strategist

As the Creative Strategist at Ahalogy, Cassie spearheads all strategic creative decisions at Ahalogy - from paid media creative to blogger selections. Pairing you with the perfect brand partner and helping your blog post gain traction is what she’s all about.




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