Introducing Trellis

We've always approached Influencer Marketing a little differently at Ahalogy, priding ourselves on redefining what "influence" really means. And what we've discovered in our years partnering with outstanding content creators is that #1 Influence is not defined by follower numbers, but rather the quality of the creative and content ideas and #2 The Influencer space is in need of some serious diversification.  

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Sure, "Influencer Marketing" is still relatively young when you consider advertising's history and evolution. But its rapid growth in the last few years has created a need for more content creators—a profession we all know is difficult to break into (especially with the ever-changing social algorithms and favoring of large followings). As someone looking to start a blogging business, this can be a frustrating realization. One that often leads talented creators to throw in the towel. 

We came to the realization that there are two big problems in the marketplace...


Problem 1

There's a lack of diversity in the influencer space in 4 key categories:

  • Gender — Why aren't there more men blogging?

  • Ethnicity — Too few cultures and ethnicities are represented in the influencer space.

  • Location — LA & NY are influencer hot spots—but the midwest is cool too. 

  • Age — sure it makes sense that tech-savy millennials would be taking over the internet, but brands need to reach people of all ages. 


Problem 2

As a content creator, it's becoming increasingly difficult to break into the business of influencer marketing. Social algorithms continue to change in favor of influencers with large followings, making it difficult for new creators to surface and grow.

So, enough with the long intro, amiright? We thought it was time a company like us stepped up and tried to solve these problems.


Enter, Trellis. 

Trellis is a website that exists to unearth, share, and grow new and diverse creators from around the web. Trellis seeks to solve these problems of limited diversity and difficulty breaking into the influencer space by acting as a hub dedicated to sharing inspiring ideas from online creators with diverse tastes and unique voices—giving them a foundation to grow their online presence and share their art. 

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Are you considering exploring a new type of content category that might not have a place on your current site?

Do you know a talented creator that only exists on social platforms?

Or what about that one friend you are always encouraging to start a blog?

Trellis was made with these instances, and people, in mind. 

You’ll notice that when you log into the Opportunities Dashboard in Muse, there’s a new profile setting asking for permission to share your content on Trellis. This question is listed under the Blog Details section of your Muse settings: "Do you give Ahalogy permission to share additional content/posts from your website in roundup blog posts? (roundup posts will always include a link out to the original post and credit you as the creator.)" By selecting yes, you are giving us permission to share your content on Trellis and The Ahalogy Partners Blog (don't worry we will always credit your work and link back to your site!) We ask that you consider saying yes to this opportunity as it provides new audiences and further visibility for your content while also maintaining the gorgeous standard of quality that all Ahalogy—and now Trellis—Partners are known for.

If this new opportunity sounds interesting to you or if you have any questions, reach out! We’d love to hear from you. Have a friend you want to refer for Trellis? Drop us a note here or email our VP of Creative Direction at

We're excited to share Trellis with you, excited for the opportunity to meet and partner with new content creators, and hope you enjoy all the content you see on Trellis. And, be sure to check us out on Instagram

Like everything Ahalogy posts, Trellis will always credit the creators and/or bloggers whose ideas we post and will link out to the original content and/or the creator’s owned website or social channels. If any post is missing credit, it occurred unintentionally and will be corrected immediately upon notice. All Trellis writers will disclose when and if a company has paid for or offered free products in return for promotion on the site as it complies with FTC guidelines.


Kelly Killips