Why Original Photography Is Important

A common question we get is "why am I not being selected for Sponsored Content opportunities?" In addition to the points we mentioned in this blog post, we wanted to dive into the topic of original photography.


To start, let's get into the mind of a brand—the client for each campaign. Brands are looking to get the most for each dollar they're spending. And when those dollars are going towards creators like you, they see original photography, trend-inspired ideas, and a thoughtfully written blog post as an ideal package. 

With that in mind, if they don't see examples of original photography on your site (but rather see a slew of stock photos or product images) they're far less likely to choose to work with you for a campaign. Even if you agree to take original photos in the application, with the risk of not knowing your photography style or photo quality, they often take you out of the running. 

Usually the alternative to original photos is stock photography. The truth is that brands have the same access to these sites as you do, and one of the many benefits of working with Ahalogy is that each brand receives 5-10 original images. When they're choosing where to spend their dollars in influencer marketing, it may not seem like a sound investment for them to pay someone to create a post that they have the resources to make themselves or to utilize imagery that hundreds of other brands have access to. 

The other reason stock photography doesn't achieve the job a brand is looking for is they (of course!) want their brand featured in some of the photos. And the perk of influencer marketing vs traditional advertising is that the creative and content is far more authentic and engaging than a product shot or stock photo. Much of the growth we've seen in the influencer space over the past few years is due in large part to the the rise in genuine, lifestyle photographs. 

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Kelly Killips