New Shoppable Recipe Tool Available Exclusively to Ahalogy Partners


Introducing Myxx...

We’re excited to offer you a new tool called Myxx that will allow your readers to buy ingredients listed in your recipes! With our trusted partner, Myxx Recipes, we have created a new beta tool we would like to roll out to our partners (that’s you!) to test as you please. All we ask is that if you have feedback on the feature, please share! Your feedback—both positive and constructive—will help us to refine the tool into something you (and your readers) love.


See a Live Example Here!

What is it?

Myxx is a simple line of code (that’s right - no plugin!) that can be added into your blog posts to make your recipes shoppable and is guaranteed to have no impact on your site speed. This feature allows your reader to immediately add your recipe ingredients into their shopping cart and choose the retailer at which they prefer to shop.

The current retailers included are:

  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • ShopRite
  • Harris Teeter
  • Ralphs
  • Fred Meyer
  • King Soopers
  • Marianos

...and the retailer list continues to grow. The tool then pairs your ingredients list to the proper items (SKU/UPC) at the store. However, your reader will still have the option to swap each ingredient for their preferred brand or to accommodate their unique tastes, allergies, or diet. The best part? Your reader will never leave your website, as the ingredients list will simply show along the right side of your webpage with a seamless, minimal design that pairs well with a variety of blog aesthetics.

What It's Not...

We know what a headache plugins can be. Some plugins simply don’t get along with one another, causing your site to crash, while others slow down the loading speed of your site. We’re proud to say, this simple line of code will do neither.

Still To Come

After some beta testing, the Myxx and Ahalogy team will regroup and refine this tool based on your feedback. Some things yet to come… 

more retailers

We hope to continue to add to this retailer list to accommodate your readers, their locations, and shopping preferences.

kick back

This tool helps our clients, too. By helping close the loop, Myxx helps us (and you) prove ROI. By proving ROI and helping our clients sell their product through sponsored content, we are helping to solidify influencer marketing as the future of advertising (and helping prove that the great content you create on their behalf is working!)

We believe that because you are helping clients make the sale, you should reap some of those benefits—on top of your usual sponsored post compensation. Eventually, it is our hope that you can make some additional income through Myxx. We’d greatly appreciate your feedback on what you would consider a fair—and competitive—kick back.

Join the Program & Make Your Recipes Shoppable!

To add the shoppable functionality, please complete the appropriate form below. You can choose to activate ALL the recipes on your site or an individual recipe page.


After your request has been submitted, Myxx will activate your recipe content.

Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email and instructions on installation and how you can give us your candid feedback! 


Please contact Dede Houston at or Kelly Killips at with any questions. 

Kelly Killips