6 Things to Double-Check Before Hitting Send on Your Sponsored Content Application

Wait, wait, don’t hit send yet! 

As someone who helps our brand partners review applications day in and day out, there’s definitely a list of various things to consider when applying to Ahalogy campaigns. We often get questions from our partners about different advice we have for writing a strong application. Although the tips I’ll dive into below may seem minor to some, they can play a big role in the success rate of your program applications.


Double-check your answers to yes or no / multiple-choice questions.

I know this seems straightforward, but review your answers to ensure you’ve answered everything correctly. If you would love to create social content for a campaign that’s offering blog and social portions, make sure to mark that accordingly. Without reviewing your answers, you run the risk of eliminating yourself as a viable candidate for the position you’re gunning for. 


Have you worked with a competitor?

Before applying, it’s vital that you ensure you haven’t worked with a competitor in the last 3-6 months (this is our sweet spot, but some brands may look at your content from the last 12 months). It also counts if you’re currently working with a competitor and the post hasn’t gone live. Many brands will take you out of the running if you’ve mentioned a competitor too recently because it can feel inauthentic to then work with them. And after all, brands are turning to influencer marketing for that authentic consumer voice. The same can be said from a retailer perspective as well. If you always shop at Target but decide to apply for a Walmart program, the brand may choose someone who can speak to a more loyal shopping experience. 

P.S If you’ve applied to two similar campaigns with competing products, be prepared to turn one down if you’re chosen for both.



Have you filled out your content ideas? Are they detailed?

Believe it or not, sometimes we receive applications that don’t have content ideas filled out. This is an integral part of your application and helps the brands really picture how you’ll bring their product to life. As the most important question we ask, the content ideas are really what you should be spending the most time crafting when you’re submitting your application. 

We mention this in our post on 5 Ways to Make Your Sponsored Content Application Stand Out as well, but double-check that you’ve mentioned how you’d integrate the brand product or speak to the specific campaign direction.



Spelling mistakes

Maybe this is due to the fact that I started my career as a Copywriter but spelling mistakes—especially when it comes to the brand name—and grammatical errors make your application feel unprofessional. Don’t get me wrong, my fingers slip on the keyboard like anyone else, but when you’re submitting yourself for review by a brand, any step you can take to make yourself seem polished, put together, and capable of creating quality content will go a long way.


Can you shop at the retailer?

This is a big one for us because more and more brands are combining their campaigns with retailer integration. A quick google search of “XX retailer near me” will tell you if, in fact, a certain store is in your area. We know that sometimes people get around this by, say, having someone else buy a reusable bag and sending it to them, but that isn’t a route we’re fans of. 

Reminder: if you’ve recently moved, check that your location is correct in your Muse profile. With your application comes your city and state so our brand partners are able to fact check if, in fact, you are able to shop at a specific retailer. I know it can be frustrating when applications for brands you’re excited about come through but they're paired with a retailer that’s not in your state or area. However, our brand clients are looking for influencers who can truthfully speak to both the brand and the shopping experience. And since people who only live by the retailer are selected, we hate seeing hard-working content creators like yourself waste time on an application they won’t get selected for. 

P.S. Mention if you’ve ever shopped at this retailer before/if you shop there frequently. Brands will make sure you commonly shop there and talk about it on your blog and social channels! 

Also, if you are a team of bloggers working together, mention which team member will be executing this campaign and what their location is.


Update your rates

Especially now that we have a new social-only question in Muse, it’s always a good idea to double-check that your rates are correct for a long-from blog post, social-only shares, and video. That way, we can make everyone’s on the same page. 

If my many English essays or failed math tests growing up taught me anything, it’s that checking your work can be a game-changer. So, I hope these 6 tips inspire you with insight into little things to double-check before you hit submit on your Ahalogy Sponsored Content Opportunity Application! Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or comments, megan@ahalogy.com



About the Author | Megan Dobberteen, Influencer Relations Specialist

As an Influencer Relations Specialist at Ahalogy, Megan builds, manages, and maintains relationships with digital content creators.




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