A Salute to Summer: A Look Back at This Summer's Hottest Trends

While both the calendar and heat index indicate that we are still in the midst of a brutally warm summer, the trending topics found in Ahalogy Muse indicate that people are already gearing up for football, bonfires, and pumpkin-infused treats. That’s right: Autumn quietly crept into the top emerging trends while we were all busy firing up the grill and watching fireworks.

As readers begin to trade in their Raspberry Iced Tea for a Pumpkin Spiced Mocha and industries align to keep pace, we’d like to pay homage to the gorgeous sponsored content created by our network of talented creators this summer—along with the brand and agency teams that made it possible. The following sponsored content examples showcase some of our favorite campaigns of the summer, all driven by this season's hottest topics.



No-Bake Desserts

No one wants to wait by a heated oven in the middle of July, so it is understandable that no-bake desserts grew in popularity as Summer 2017 progressed. From fruit-infused pies to peanut butter bars, these recipes were a delicious way to cool down.

This summer, we teamed up with Butterfinger to help increase awareness of their products and inspire readers with fun, no-bake recipes—like No-Churn Butterfinger Ice Cream . The gorgeous content by our talented Partner, Wry Toast not only helped drive purchase of the product, but also showcase the brand and product in a fun new way. 




Iced Tea

Whether you’re relaxing poolside or re-energizing from a morning run, a crisp and refreshing Iced Tea is the perfect summertime caffeine boost…especially when combined with fruity flavors! This summer we saw flavors like peach, raspberry, and mango steal the show.  

When The Coca-Cola Company asked us to find new and creative ways to use their product—Honest Iced Tea—our Partners blew readers away with some pretty incredible (and incredibly delicious!) ideas. These Sweet Tea Pork Chops with Grilled Peaches by Kitchen Konfidence are a testament to the power of pairing data-driven insights and stunning influencer creative to drive brand awareness.



Jalapenos were cranking up the heat this summer. Wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cream cheese, or garnishing a cocktail, this was one versatile trend we couldn’t get enough of.

We used this summertime trend to help shape the strategy for the Frito-Lay 'Say Yes To Summer' campaign. Ahalogy Partners created recipe content and new recipes with flavor that packed a punch…and a crunch! These deliciously spicy Doritos Chicken Jalapeno Poppers from our Partner, Miss In The Kitchen combined the power of consumer knowledge with a creative new recipe unique to the Doritos brand.



There’s something about the warm summer sun that makes tackling an anticipated project much more enjoyable, which must be why DIY projects were popular among users this season. Graduation favors and gardening hacks had us rollin’ up our sleeves and getting creative this summer.

This summer, we connected American Greetings and our Partner Salty Canary to spread a little extra sunshine with this adorably bright Sunshine in a Box care package. This DIY gift goes to show that pairing data-driven trends with creative product usage can truly brighten up your brand.


Party Planning

Arguably one of the best parts of summer is the prolonged daylight hours, making it an opportune time to have some friends over for outdoor entertainment. And with the kids out of school, what better time to host that themed birthday party your third grader has been excitedly brainstorming? Birthday Party was one of our favorite trends that peaked in June. 

When Coleman came to us looking for a unique way to engage with audiences, we were too excited to present them with this chic outdoor birthday party by One Armed Mama. A gorgeous boho camping trip is exactly the kind of unique idea our Partners bring to life, creating stunning visual content for brands looking to stand out.


Backyard Entertaining

Grilling is more than a meal, it’s an experience. From Father’s Day-inspired customized grilling stations to outdoor tablescapes and all of the delicious marinades, side dishes, and desserts in-between, this June trend had us craving burgers all summer long.

When Kraft-Heinz was looking to create fun and unique entertaining content this summer, our Partner, Mommy’s Home Cooking, whipped up these Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs inspired by this popular seasonal trend. Who knew data-driven insights and authentic brand positioning could be so delicious?



While it’s sad to see the lackadaisical summer days drift away with each Back to School commercial, here at Ahalogy, we’re welcoming the change in season with open arms…and new autumn trends! Looking ahead to start planning for the dropping temperature? Here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect to see more of over the next few months:


Expect to see cinnamon on the rise this fall, as this spice reaches a peak in popularity during the fall when corresponding flavors like apple and pie crust hit a seasonal peak. Looking for new ways to use cinnamon in the kitchen? Try infusing this sweet and spicy flavor with some of its top related keywords like cream cheese, coffee cake, and French toast to make the most of it this season.


While the temperature is dropping, this flaming trend is sure to bring some color to your cheeks. Sriracha peaks in popularity in the autumn, likely due to its increased usage in fan-favorite Game Day recipes. Add some flavor to guacamole or spice up wing sauce to get shoppers heated over more than just the game.


Peanut Butter

Fall is the beginning of baking season, so it’s only logical this creamy dessert add-in reaches a peak. It’s the flavor that does it all: From energy bite recipes for kids’ lunchboxes to the base for new chocolate cookie recipes, or even tying together a batch of overnight oats for busy mornings. Peanut Butter is one seasonal trend people won’t be able to get enough of this fall.


Kelly Killips