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Joining Ahalogy

How do I join the network?

To join the Ahalogy Sponsored Content Program simply register here.


I don't have a blog or website, just social channels. Can I still apply?

If your content is shared solely on social and you do not have a website, you can still apply to be in the Ahalogy Sponsored Content Program. However, you will only receive applications for social-only campaigns and projects that do not require a standards sponsored blog post.


I don't live in the United States. Can I still join your network? Will I get sponsored opportunities?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it as we are continually growing our clientele outside of the US. Not only do we work with many global brands, we also do paid media for all campaigns—giving us the ability to target consumers anywhere. This means the location of each of our partners is not always a determining factor when selecting creators for branded campaigns.


Do I have to install the WordPress Plugin to be considered for sponsored content opportunities?

The WordPress Plugin is not required to be considered for sponsored content opportunities. However, your chances of being selected/approved by the brand are greater if your content is represented in our client-facing trends tool Muse™, which is connected to your site via our WordPress plugin.


what makes Ahalogy different from other influencer marketing programs?

Unlike most influencer marketing companies, we do not rely solely on your influential reach to make waves in the digital space. Instead we use a proven combination of data-driven content inspired by our Ahalogy Muse™ trends data, alluring photography, and paid media to get insanely awesome results for our clients...and you. Learn more about what sets us apart here.

Ahalogy's Partner Program

How do I receive opportunities?

Once you apply to the Ahalogy Sponsored Content Program in Muse, you will automatically have access to our trend data, content planner tool, and—the pièce de résistance—our Opportunities Dashboard where you can apply to our open sponsored content opportunities.  


What types of content will I be expected to create?

This will vary from campaign to campaign, but most often brands are looking to partner with content creators to publish a blog post that includes several illustrative photos. Some brands are also looking for content creators who specialize in, or at least have experience in, creating both short and long form video content.


do You have a referral program?

We do not currently have a formal referral program, but we do believe that good things are meant to be shared. If you have a friend you think would benefit from joining our program you can share our website with them or submit their name here and our team will contact them with more information.


What does a standard project look like?

Our most common campaigns include a sponsored blog post with 5 original photographs to live on your website as well as one social share of that content on each of your social accounts. Our team will use your original photography to create social posts on behalf of our client to promote across the brand's social accounts as well. This creative is utilized for paid media—driving volumes of new readers back to your post.


Do I have the option to decline a project?

Yes. We understand that not every project or brand partnership is right for you and your brand. If you are not interested in participating in a campaign, you can simply make the choice not to fill out the project application that came to your inbox. If we reach out to you directly gauging your interest in a project we will be understanding if you decline. 


Can my rate influence my chances of being selected?

Yes. Although each campaign budget varies, keeping your rates competitive based on your content category will greatly increase your chance of being selected. Not sure where you rate falls? Email us for an analysis and professional advice based on industry standards.


Can I feature other affiliate links in my Ahalogy sponsored blog post?

A sponsored post should not link out to any other products besides the products being featured in the campaign.


How will this content be used by the brand? 

The usage of your content can vary project to project and will be outlined in the project application and brief. The brand has a license to promote and share your content across their social platforms and brand site. It is an Ahalogy best practice that our brand partners link back directly to your blog post and/or tag and attribute you in each of their social posts.


What kind of details do you share once I’ve been selected for a campaign?

We provide each selected partner with a campaign brief. This brief includes everything you will need to know about the campaign including background on the brand, the product(s) to be featured in the post, the brand do’s & dont’s (such as language to avoid), and campaign timeline. Once the brief has been shared, we will give you the opportunity to have an on-boarding call with the Ahalogy team to talk through specifics or any questions you may have.


How does the blogger selection process work for each paid campaign?

When we have a new brand campaign come through, we will reach out to all content creators who have expressed interest in that particular brand’s category (Food & Drink, Fashion, Beauty, etc). Those partners will have an opportunity to review the campaign and apply for the project. We will then comb through the applications and make recommendations to the brand based on which partners best fit the brand aesthetic and meet their campaign goals. From there, the brand will make the final decision on which partners they would like to work with. The selected partners will be notified that they have been chosen for content creation, receive the formal campaign brief, and a statement of work.


Campaign pixels

What is a pixel and what does it track?

The Ahalogy pixel tracks the quality traffic that comes to your site (the number of real people, not bots), ensures that we are sharing your content with the right audience, and strengthens relationships with readers. Still have questions? Learn more about the Ahalogy pixel on the blog.


Am I required to add a third party pixel to my sponsored posts?

Yes, Ahalogy requires all partners to add a pixel to their sponsored post, so that we can share verified page numbers with the client. We’re proud of our network’s quality site traffic, so we want to show that off!


How do I install the third party pixel to my site?

Ahalogy recommends that you use the Header Footer Code Manager Plugin. When using this plugin, follow our instructions, found here, to add the pixel to your Ahalogy blog post. This will place the pixel in the correct spot and should not cause any issues.

If you prefer to implement the pixel manually, you can copy and paste the code into your blog page’s header. Please double check that there are no extra spaces or line breaks!

You will be sent a .txt file with the correct pixel on a campaign by campaign basis.


Compensation & Payment

How much money can I earn for one piece of content creation?

We offer fair, competitive compensation for our sponsored content opportunities; all of which are paid opportunities. Individual payments range depending on the specific assignments, project budget, as well as your going rate.


When will I be paid for the custom content I create?

You will be paid within 30 days of delivering the content you create. “Delivery” most often means when the content has published on your site, but in some instances may mean when the content is shared with the brand for final review. This will be outlined in each individual campaign brief.


How will I be paid for the custom content I create?

Payment for content creation is processed using the secure electronic payment system bill.com. If you live in the US, you will receive an electronic payment directly to your bank account. If you live outside of the US, you will be paid via PayPal.




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